Sowden House

The Sowden house was built in 1926 by Lloyd Wright, son of America’s greatest architect, Frank Lloyd Wright. The home’s design incorporated Wright’s philosophies as a landscape architect, emphasizing the connection to nature.

In restoring the Sowden house, we honored Lloyd Wright’s intention to merge architecture, space and landscape by restoring and updating Wright’s original vision. “I think that any really good creativity is something that is not stagnant and that can be built upon,” Xorin explains. “I really respected Lloyd Wright. His work and creativity were timeless.” Xorin also added contemporary touches: a modern steam shower, under-counter refrigerators, Jacuzzi bathtubs and a koi pond off the master bath for meditation and reflection.

Molding was removed from certain doorways because it felt a little “too peppy,” and walls were changed from maroon stucco to cool beige plaster to create a less cavernous feeling. A collection of new antique artifacts were added to the home, including an enormous Indonesian Buddha that looks out from atop the master bedroom, an antique Chinese dowry chest, Japanese tansus converted to bathroom cabinets, and a 400 year-old Quan Yin statue.