Rising Glen 2

This classic 1950’s early modern home was in a state of extreme disrepair. For its renovation, the original post and beam structure received considerable structural refurbishment, replacement of all the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, new roofing, new dual glazed fixed windows and glass sliders, and new finishes throughout.

An interior concrete courtyard was roofed and enclosed to become a new family room space. The 3 rear bedrooms had their closets relocated to open up views to the back patio. The carport was enclosed with translucent panels to be a full garage space. New closet and storage areas were added to the master bedroom suite. Numerous solid exterior walls were removed and replaced with full height glass panels. Extensive areas of the original tongue and groove wood ceiling were repaired and replaced. New skylights opened up previously dark areas of the house. A modern kitchen and 2 bathrooms were installed. Full height glass exterior walls were installed in both bathroom showers to let in daylight and open up more views of the site. The finished home has the flavor of a Japanese wood and glass ‘jewel box’. The extensive exterior glass walls and interior courtyard space erase the separation between the inside and outside. The finish palette emphasizes raw natural materials, with the ribbed wood ceiling, exposed wood post and beams, limestone tile floor, and full height marble slabs in the bathrooms.